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Organic Products

The use of organic products is on the rise nowadays. Whether it is bathing, food, or cleaning products, it looks like the word ‘organic’ has become quite common on many product labels. Many shoppers are wooed into buying organic products and with good reason. These products in their various categories provide users with many health advantages. These numerous advantages are what led to the establishment of Ridge Organics back in the year 2010.

Jo Deacon, a registered nurse, established RO with the purpose of keeping our bodies healthy on the inside and out. Jo was inspired to start supplying eco-friendly products after a 2-year stay in UK where she witnessed firsthand the benefits of these products. Since then Jo has been producing different natural and certified products that are tried and trusted.

At Ridge Organics, you can find all sorts of high quality eco-friendly products, ranging from cleaning detergents to bathing soaps for everyone including babies. These products have been thoroughly tested to ensure their effectiveness and safety before being offered to the public. Therefore, you can be sure that products from Ridge Organics deliver on their promises. Below is what you can expect to find at Ridge Organics.

Hair Care Products

The organic hair care products on offer include shampoos, conditioners, natural hair treatments, and brushes and accessories. The Eco Kid Barry Bristle brush that is currently available can be used on all hair types and is perfect for both long and thick hair as well as hair that tangles easily. This brush has the added advantage of naturally rounded bristles that easily pass through tangles and at the same time massaging the scalp thereby aiding blood circulation and allowing natural oils to move through hair follicles.

The natural hair treatments at Ridge Organics are very effective and kid friendly. They are used to remove hair lice along with their eggs, help in hair styling, flatten fluffy hair, and treat delicate hair.

Shampoos and conditioners on offer restore damaged hair to its natural healthy state while at the same time soothing the scalp. The mildness of the shampoos and conditioners make them ideal for sensitive scalps and all sorts of hairs.

Advantages Of Using Organic Hair Products

Natural hair care products are more beneficial and affordable than chemical laden hair products. They provide the following advantages:

  • Gentle natural ingredients: Having been made from natural ingredients, organic hair products do not cause any harmful side effects to the hair. Unlike hair products made from chemicals which can ruin hair, natural products actually treat hair by restoring moisture. The natural ingredients also make these products immensely effective.
  • Regular use: Daily endeavors by women to look beautiful such as hair curling, straightening, and blow drying can lead to damage. However, with regular use of natural hair products, the damage can be averted. The products replenish the hair thus ensuring it remains in top shape.
  • They are mild: Organic hair products are very mild that they can be safely used in large quantities and as often as desired without worrying about damaging the hair. The more you use these products the better the chances of replenishing your hair.
  • Applicable for everyone: Whether you are young, old, male, or female, you can use organic hair products. The effectiveness and versatility of these products makes them applicable for people with sensitive skin or scalp and those that are allergic to most hair products.
  • Deep cleansing: The natural ingredients found in organic shampoos and conditioners deeply clean hair without causing any damage. The lack of chemicals ensures that your hair is completely clean by eliminating filmy residue on the hair. The result of using these products is usually shiny hair that has retains its natural glow.

Baby Products

A baby’s skin and hair can be very sensitive. Chemically induced baby shampoos and skin care products can greatly irritate the skin and hair and may lead to adverse skin conditions such as baby acne, eczema, and cradle crap. The best way to avoid such conditions is to use organic baby products that are gentle on a baby’s skin.

At Ridge Organics, you can find a variety of baby products ranging from shampoos and wipes, to body moisturizers and nappy rash balms. These products are made with the baby in mind and aim at causing no allergic reactions at all. The following are reasons why you should consider getting Ridge Organics baby products for your little one.

  • Chemical-free products: When you walk into a store, you are likely to find a lot of traditional baby shampoos claiming to be very gentle to the point of not making the baby will not cry when they accidentally enters their eyes. Such shampoos sound very appealing to most mothers who quickly buy them without a second thought. It is true that some of these shampoos may prevent babies from crying but that is because they contain harsh chemicals that numb the eyelid and tear ducts of the baby. That numbing agent can be quite dangerous to the baby. Therefore, it is much better and safer to go with organic products, which contain natural ingredients that clean your baby without causing damage.
  • Prevent respiratory problems: Since a baby’s immune system is relatively weak it makes the baby more vulnerable to a variety of illnesses when exposed to various factors. For instance nonorganic products can contain synthetic fragrances that can lead to respiratory symptoms. The chemicals found in such products can also lead to even more serious problems. This is because any products used on the baby, be it cosmetics or soaps, tend to be absorbed by the body.
  • Moisturize the baby’s skin: Since a baby’s skin is still very young, it is unable to produce sufficient oil to stay moisturized. Nonorganic skin care products tend to dry the tender skin further because of the chemicals found in them thus worsening the problem. Organic skin care products on the other hand lock in moisture and soothe the baby’s skin, leaving it fully hydrated.

Kitchen products

Ridge Organics offers a variety of organic kitchen products which include;

  • Kitchen brushes and cleaning clothes: We offer something for every kitchen regardless of the size of your home. For instance, there we have wooden brushes that used to clean surfaces while others clean vegetables. The handles of these brushes are made using beech wood while the replaceable bristles are made of vegetable fibers. Our absorbent cleaning clothes are ideal for cleaning surfaces such as food preparation areas, dining tables, sinks and wiping dishes.
  • Hand dishwashing liquid: Our various dishwashing liquids have been formulated using healthy and safe plant-based extracts that are gentle on the hand but very effective in cleaning. Some of these dishwashing liquids have fragrances that are achieved through a blend of various natural ingredients and not synthetic perfumes. For example, grapefruit fragrance is created by a blend of essential oils of Citrus Sinensis (Sweet Orange) Eucalyptus Globulus, (Tasmanian Bluegum), and Litsea Cubeba (May Chang).
  • Dishwasher tablets and powders: The dishwashing powders at Ridge Organics come from a blend of minerals and plant derived ingredients. These powders lack synthetic perfumes or dyes, petrochemicals, and are super concentrated, which means that a little goes a long way to help you save money. The economically concentrated, 1kg powered packages can last up to 66 washes. Tablets on the other hand are manufactured using plant and mineral based ingredients, which are very effective in the removal of stains. These tablets are individually packed and easily dissolve in water thus eliminating the need for you to touch them. These tablets perform well in low temperatures thus saving you energy by eliminating the need to heat water. Ridge Organics also offers rinse aid products that help in drying and leaves that shiny luster on your glasses and silverware.

Bath And Body Products

For the organic bath and body products, Ridge Organics offers you a variety of body brushes, body wash and soaps, as well as deodorants to suit different needs. All of these products replace the harmful chemicals found in nonorganic bath and body products with rich natural plant and organic ingredients. Aside from being chemical free, Ridge Organics also ensure that body and bath products do not have added preservatives or any synthetic materials.

Why should I use organic bath products and organic body products? This commonly asked question can be answered by two very simple reasons. First organic skin care products work better than nonorganic ones, and secondly, they are actually better for you as they have numerous benefits for the skin without causing side effects.

One of the most important benefits of using organic bath and body products is that they help to activate the skin’s natural ability to heal itself. That is why organic body products leave the skin smooth, soft, moisturized, and glowing with health.

A fact not known by many is that what you put on your skin is absorbed and directed to your bloodstream within 25 seconds if it is absorbent. Due to this fact, using body products that contain chemicals highly increases illness and disease rates. Studies showing the connection between chemicals and illnesses show that we should eliminate or at the least reduce exposure to synthetics. The non-organic compounds found in skincare products are highly invasive and fast reacting. Continuous application of such skincare products not only lead to skin irritations, but also serious health problems such as breathing difficulties, headaches, and even hormonal imbalances and cancer in worst case scenarios.

Organic skin care products are highly effective and safe to use. There are a variety of specialized natural skincare products that can be used to hydrate dry flaky skin, remove dead dermal cells, as well as restore irritated, sun burnt or superficially frostbit skin to its former glory. The mildness of these products makes them safe to apply even if you have very sensitive skin or are suffering from skin problems such as acne and eczema.

Nonorganic products clog pores and interfere with the skin’s natural way of operating. Organic skin care products on the other hand aim at allowing the natural processes of the skin to carry on without external interference or manipulation. Therefore, these products care for the skin by working from the inside out.

Household Products

Organic household products at Ridge Organics include:

  • Soy candles: Whether you are having a romantic candlelit dinner, bath, or simply relaxing at home, the combination of soft candle light and pleasant fragrances creates a soothing effect. This pleasing effect can however be ruined when the candle starts producing soot. But with Ridge Organics’ soy candles, the issue with candle soot is not a problem owing to the clean nature in which the candles burn. These candles have specialized fragrances and are made using soy wax derived from soybean oil. The wax burns slower than that normal candles, is easy to clean, and contains 0% pesticides.
  • Baking, cooking, and foil products: Ridge Organics offers you environmentally friendly alternatives for your food wrapping supplies. The organic pre-cut baking sheets, which are manufactured using natural materials and unbleached greaseproof paper, can be used for a variety of baking and cooking needs. Unlike your standard baking paper that contains some heavy metals, which can be toxic when heated, the organic pre-cut baking sheets are microwave safe. Also on offer are Aluminum foils and baking cups which require no greasing and can be used without a muffin pan.

Laundry Products

Organic laundry products help prevent skin irritations and make clothes last longer. This is because they lack the harsh chemicals used in other washing products, which ruin a clothe fibers thus leading to accelerated wear.

Laundry products made of natural ingredients have the added advantage of being gentle to the hands. Ridge Organics offers you laundry liquids & powders, soap nuts, and softeners & whiteners. These products are economically concentrated to last longer so that you can spend less often on laundry detergents and save more.

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